How Your Waistline Signals Beauty And Wellness

My patients are often fixated on their weight, assuming that this is the ultimate way to measure attractiveness and health. But I like to get them thinking about another way to measure their health – I call it the Curve Ratio. We all recognize the attractiveness of an hourglass shape – but it signals much more than just beauty. Studies show that good hormonal and metabolic balance is best demonstrated with a healthy waist-to-hip ratio.

Read on to determine how to measure your Curve Ratio and how to improve or maintain it!

How To Measure Your Curve Ratio

The ideal Curve Ratio for women is a waistline that is 70-80% the circumference of their hips. To measure yours simply grab a measuring tape and measure the smallest circumference of your natural waist, or one inch above you navel, whichever seems more accurate. Then measure your hip circumference at the widest part. Simply divide the waist by the hip measurement.

If you are somewhere between .70 and .80 (70-80%), that is ideal. For women a waist-to-hip ratio greater than 0.85, this is the unhealthy zone… but don’t despair, we have a plan for you!

Lifestyle Tips To Maximize Your Curve Ratio

The key to success is reducing sugars and simple “white” carbohydrates in order to lower you insulin resistance – in other words, helping your body reduce the highs and lows of the sugar/carb effect.

Start your day with foods that boost your metabolism. My best tip for doing this is replacing carbs first thing in the morning, with plant proteins. Protein from plants is generally full of phytoestrogens, those magic molecules that have many positive effects, including lowering insulin resistance! Think of them as carb burners…and the morning is the best time to put them into action!

Suggestions for day starters include:

  • Nut butter smoothies, such as mixing almond butter, almond milk, plain yogurt, a dash of cinnamon, and adding a dash of vanilla for natural sweetness. 
  • Smooth some fresh ground peanut butter on a whole grain cracker such as Mary’s Gone Crackers (we love the “Hearty Seed” version). 
  • Substitute almond or coconut flour for any pancake or crepe recipe, if you add a dash of vanilla you won’t need extra sweetener.
  • Hard-boil some eggs and toss out the yolk, filling the white cup with hummus, finish with a sprinkle of paprika. This is something I keep in my home weekly and grab on-the-go as I leave the house early in the morning.
  • Make a trail mix with walnuts, toasted almonds, and pepitas (pumpkin seeds), optional: add a few dark chocolate chips or dark chocolate-coated soy nuts.
  • Add low glycemic (low sugar), high phytoestrogen fruits to any of the above to sweeten naturally. Suggestions include fresh apricots, berries, cherries, and coconut.

Substitutions to make throughout the day:

  • When is comes to grains think whole and small, for example, instead of bread use a seed cracker for spreads such as Flacker’s made with flaxseeds. Use whole grain wraps instead of sliced bread for any sandwich.
  • Use brown rice instead of white rice, very aromatic and easy to cook with a rice steamer.
  • Consider quinoa instead of grits or couscous, it’s higher in fiber and protein, and a source of phytoestrogens as quinoa is seed-like. 
  • Consider cauliflower instead of potatoes; this unappreciated vegetable is high in fiber and protein, it can be boiled, mashed, and roasted or used raw for dips instead of chips. 
  • For dips or guacamole serve cucumber, zucchini, or red pepper slices instead of chips.

Exercise at least 22 minutes everyday (2.5 hours a week) and meditate!

Even brisk walking counts; consider focusing on a discipline to improve your Curve Ratio such as Pilates or core-focused yoga. Even better, improve your body and your mind with meditation in concert with your core focused exercise. Mindfulness can improve brain function as well as help with better sleep quality (consider a Jon Kabat-Zinn CD).

From the Curve in Your Waist to the Soft Curves of Your Face

Now that you have the Curve Ratio down, let’s focus on another reflection of beauty and wellness – the beautiful, soft curves of the face. As we age, not only does the waistline tend to expand, the skin of the body and especially the face changes in quality due in large part to the waning effects of estrogen. For the face, those soft curves can begin to lose the glow and lose firmness. Just as your body thrives when you treat it to phytoestrogen-rich foods, so does your skin with the phytoestrogens in VENeffect.

Our mission is to educate women about the beauty of their hormones and provide solutions for them to live better in this knowledge. That starts with health from the inside-out. 

The recommendations here that will enhance the waist will also enhance your skin. To boost those effects in your skin care routine, VENeffect provides “skin inspiration” to boost collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production – that dewy substance that gives us the glow. For the ultimate effect, start with VENeffect Firming Phyto-Lift Serum just after cleansing and layer our Intensive Moisturizer over the serum, day-and-night.

This Luminosity Duo is so effective we have made it into a set, with our gift of a silver cosmetic bag you will love.