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The Step You May be Skipping is Aging You


We know that serums, moisturizers, balms and other leave-on treatments can help transform the skin, leaving it dewy and young looking. One of the lesser-known secrets for younger looking skin, however, is the cleansing regimen. 

Skin is most receptive to the anti-aging treatments to follow when it is clean, clear of debris and residue, and moist. Without cleansing, the moisturizer we invest in cannot do the job efficiently. We all know this makes sense – so why do we not take the time to do it?

Two reasons – time and energy. At the end of a long day – taking the time to wash your face is the last thing on your mind. The pillow calls, and we think we can make up for it the next day. Imagine, however, that you did take five minutes to gently rinse away the debris of the day and then treat your skin to a potent serum followed by a luxurious moisturizer…a regimen that will work all night as you sleep to keep those lines at bay. You will wake up refreshed, younger looking and ready for the new day to come. 

Once you commit to that ritual – the benefits are many. Cleansing the skin relaxes you in the evening and refreshes you in the morning. Think of it as your skin care mediation time. If we have convinced you of that – consider adding – just twice a week – exfoliation to your routine. Now you will really see the transformation to your skin.

Exfoliants come in multiple forms – physical exfoliants have those tiny beads that you can move around your face and direct them where you want them. Chemical exfoliants, such as enzymes and mild acids, work to dissolve dead skin cells and are mild enough when formulated well to do just enough to remove dead skin – without harming the healthy skin. The results to both methods are truly transformational – as you remove dead skin cells, you reveal the healthy skin underneath and that, in turn, speeds up cell renewal and provides immediate brightness and smoothness to the skin. The extra step is worth the time if you find the right product and use it correctly. 

At VENeffect, my sister and I give careful consideration to every product we develop to ensure it has a purpose. Everything we make must work toward our goal of restoring vitality to skin – specifically offsetting lost elasticity and luminosity due to hormonal fluctuations within the month and as we age.

That is why we decided to add a cleanser and exfoliant to our anti-aging line. Our Pore Minimizing Cleanser is a gel based gentle foaming cleanser enhanced with phytoestrogens for luminosity and brightness and willow bark to minimize the appearance of pores. Our Micro-Exfoliant is a dual action physical and enzymatic creamy exfoliant that gently removes dead skin cells while infusing skin with phytonutrients and soothing moisture. By incorporating our phytoestrogen technology into the cleansing regimen, we add a significant anti-aging benefit to these important steps in good skin care. They will set up the perfect “clean slate” to our treatment moisturizers.

We are often asked what the ideal regimen is for skin vitality – and now can offer our technology in every step of skin care. You can incorporate any of our cleansers and treatments into your current routine and get the benefit of our technology, and the luminosity that results! 

VENeffect Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen:

1) Cleanse: 

Each morning and evening with our Pore Minimizing Cleanser, about a nickel sized amount, rotate in circular motion on face and neck and rinse with warm water (also works beautifully with rotating cleansing brushes). Willow bark is another powerful natural that will minimize the appearance of pores and our phytoestrogens, including soy and pomegranate, leave a dewy softness. 

2) Exfoliate two times per week: 

Whisk away dead skin cells with our fabulous Micro-Exfoliant, about a dime sized amount, gently massaged into moist skin, and rinse with warm water. Finely ground grapeseed and polylactic acid beads work with pomegranate enzyme for a dual-action exfoliation that transforms skin while enhancing glow. Gentle enough for every day; we recommend at least two times per week!

3) Invest in Serum:

A must for any woman from her mid-twenties on, use morning and evening after cleansing to infuse a dose of high potency actives when skin is most receptive. Our Firming Phyto-Lift Serum is water based – no silicone or oils for this first layer after cleansing – delivering the phytoestrogens along with natural oat extract to firm and brighten. Just one or two pumps will dispense this potent serum over face, neck & décolleté and will work in synergy with the moisturizer to follow for exponential results!

4) Moisturize:

The cream on top – now that you’ve prepped your skin beautifully, an advanced moisturizer keeps skin dewy and youthful all day and over time reduces the signs of aging. VENeffect Anti-Aging Intensive Moisturizer, the highest level of our plant-powered technology, is our must-have product to dramatically improve elasticity and give an instant glow to skin. Add a layer of defense and repair in the morning with our new Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 15 providing daily broad-spectrum protection and an amazing phytoestrogen genestein, known to repair UV damage. We layer the SPF right over the Intensive in the morning and use the Intensive on its own at night.

5) Targeted Treatments:

Morning and evening, dot our Anti-Aging Eye Treatment under and above eye, along the orbital bone, and gently disperse to brighten, moisturize and reduce or prevent fine lines. Apply our Anti-Aging Lip Treatment on and around the lip – that part is key- to reduce and prevent vertical lines while giving a plump, rosy appearance to the skin of the lips. Indulge in our Firming Neck & Décolleté Creme with upward strokes to brighten and decrease the depth of deep wrinkles. These specialty treatments were each designed with their intended targeted skin areas in mind and all deliver our signature phytoestrogens for elasticity and luminosity.

That is it!  Just about five minutes -  maybe seven when you exfoliate - and your skin is literally transformed.  We know that every woman has a collection of skin care - some new, some old, some we can't live without and some we are ready to toss.  We always say - if it is working for you and you love the results - keep using it.  If you are ready for a change - or noticing changes in your skin you don't love, simply start with one of our phytoestrogen rich products and you will see the difference it makes.  We launched this line because, as women, it was needed to address the way we are designed as women.  We want to share it with you.

Our gift to you this fall with any VENeffect purchase is a luxury sample of our amazing Lip Treatment. This is not a balm or stick – it is a creamy treatment that goes on and around the lip to prevent or reduce vertical lines and leave the skin of the lip plump and rosy.



VENeffect® Co-Founders

Cecil Booth & Dr. Rebecca Booth 

Cecil Booth and Rebecca Booth, M.D., are sisters and founders of VENeffect®, a breakthrough anti-aging skin care line developed by women ‑ for women to dramatically improve the glow of healthy skin, a phenomenon the sisters call the “Venus Effect”.

Rebecca Booth, M.D.

Rebecca Booth, M.D. is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist who has been practicing medicine for over 20 years as a senior partner in one of the largest OB/GYN practices in the southeast, Women First of Louisville. She is a nationally recognized expert in hormonal wellness and author of The Venus Week: Discover the Powerful Secret of Your Cycle…At Any Age (Da Capo Lifelong Books, 2008). She, together with her sister Cecil Booth, founded an anti-aging skin care line, VENeffect, with a breakthrough phytoestrogen technology to replenish lost elasticity and luminosity. She has appeared on The Today Show and been extensively featured in leading women’s magazines including O: The Oprah Magazine, Redbook, Glamour Shape, Seventeen, and Self. She is a contributor on TheHuffingtonPost.com and has been published in leading medical journals. Dr. Booth earned her medical degree from the University of Louisville School of Medicine. She resides in Louisville, Kentucky.   

Cecil Booth

Cecil Booth is president of Beauty Booth LLC, a company she founded with her sister, Dr. Rebecca Booth. Cecil began her career in the beauty industry, including 20 years in marketing and management at a Fortune 500 global beauty company. She has successfully launched brands and developed new products utilizing innovative ingredients and packaging. She has also directed global strategy to ensure success in international markets. She has extensively studied the skin care market and has an understanding of consumer needs and drivers as well as a personal passion for the beauty category. The synergy of her background with her sister’s experience as a doctor and hormonal wellness expert, led to their development of the breakthrough new skin care line: VENeffect. Prior to beginning her marketing career, she earned a master’s degree in advertising from Northwestern University. Cecil resides in Chicago, Illinois where the company is based.


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