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Dr. Booth Booth Celebrates a Milestone Birthday and Shares Her Advice on 

Hormonal Vitality.

As VENeffect co-founder Dr. Rebecca Booth celebrates her 60th birthday, she's sharing  her "inside scoop"  to maximize the beautiful radiance of feminine vitality no matter what milestones you may be approaching! 

Turning 60 gets a bit of a bad rap and definitely needs a rebranding! If you've been following along with our holistic approach to hormonal vitality, then you know 60 is just another year to celebrate! The secret to joyfully navigating life's path lies in fine tuning the lifestyle components that contribute to what we call the Venus Effect. The Venus Effect is Dr. Booth's metaphor for optimizing  hormonal vitality and beauty throughout the month and throughout our lifetime.  Peaking estrogen, even within the month, gives us peak luminosity. The challenges arise as our cycle is designed to ebb and flow throughout our ovulatory years, and ultimately retire around age fifty. 

As a doctor of women, Dr. Booth focuses her practice on strategies to optimize peak hormonal vitality at any age. While you're probably already checking many of the wellness boxes, it's never too late to fine tune the "inside out" lifestyle choices that contribute to peak vitality and luminous skin:

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Achieving The Venus Effect Throughout Your Life! 

1. Eating for the Venus Effect

A key way to keep your skin beautifully radiant all year long is eating foods filled with nutrients that enhance the “Venus Effect”. One of the best category of foods you can eat for ideal hormonal balance and glowing skin is protein from plant sources. Foods that house the seed of the plant are rich in these proteins as well as healthy oils, and their benefits can be passed along to us. Most of the protein from plant sources is derived from the reproductive parts of the plant and is intimately associated with powerful molecules known as phytoestrogens. The phytoestrogens in plants lower insulin resistance (helping the waistline) and stimulate hormonal balance. A few examples include chickpeas (e.g. hummus), seeds (e.g. flax or sunflower seeds), soybeans (e.g. edamame), seedy fruits such as blackberries and blueberries, and nuts or nut butters – all rich in protein, healthy oils, and phytoestrogens – a recipe for gorgeous skin.

The trick is to adopt the mindset of adding the healthy foods that will sustain you rather than thinking about elimination or deprivation. After all, when you are satiated with the good foods, there's little room left for less healthy options! 

We asked our team members about the ways they are translating Dr. Booth's Venus nutrition guidelines. Here are a couple of their ideas - hopefully it will inspire you with new ways to incorporate Venus Effect foods into your meals and snacks:

** Breakfast: Blueberries, add ground flax + fresh ground tumeric root (grind both together in a spice grinder) + Kefir (probiotics) or almond yogurt  - Eileen,   Customer Care

 ** Substitute ground flax and ground chickpeas for flour or breadcrumbs in your recipes. (Can buy or make). Use it for quiche crust, flat bread, spinach/kale balls and so much more.  Bill , Operations

** Once my sister shared with me the "inside scoop" on phytoestrogen, a day does not go by that I don't add in a nut, seed or seedy fruit to my morning routine.  It keeps me satisfied longer and I know it is doing great things for my skin.  Cecil, Co-Founder

2. Supplement Your Venus

Making recommended diet changes will go a long way to enhancing your Venus Effect. But even the most conscientious can benefit by taking supplements. (Always remember to alert your doctor as to what supplements you are taking.) Here is a partial list:

  • Biotin  For fuller hair and healthy nails take at least 600 mcg a day.

  • Omega-3 oils  Whether from supplements, fish or from vegetarian sources like flax seeds, theses mighty molecules act as natural lubricants for the skin, joints and eyes. Not only do they help you have that youthful glow, they are great mood stabilizers. 

  • Vitamin D  Take at least 1000 IUs a day. Vitamin D is vital for healthy collagen and connective tissue.

  • Vitamin C  Take at least 100mg of vitamin C a day. Vitamin C is absolutely vital for collagen health, and while very few of us are deficient, it is a good habit to make sure that you take it daily to maximize healthy skin. 

  • Folic acid  Take 400 to 800 mcg a day. While many experts question the value of a multivitamin, most agree that folic acid, a B vitamin, is vital for good metabolism, the key to hormone balance so reflected in our appearance. 

3. Sleep

Getting ample amounts of sleep has an immediate and significant impact on looking younger and refreshed – while lack of restful sleep not only ages our appearance, but directly contributes to increased stress levels that can disrupt hormonal balance. Make sleep a priority and seek help if you have insomnia. Try for a minimum of seven hours and consider a fitness tracker to determine if you are experiencing disrupted sleep. There are a number of techniques and herbal supplements that can help with good quality sleep, but the first step is to make a conscious effort to clock it in. And remember, protein rich foods help with sleep, so a plant protein rich snack, such as almond butter, can help your skin in more than one way. A spoonful of almond butter with a warm cup of chamomile tea before bedtime is a great way to help achieve fabulous sleep.

4. Get Moving

As we age exercise becomes increasingly important to regain lost vitality. Lack of exercise sends a signal to your body that you may be injured, slowing your metabolism and reducing hormonal balance. Commit to a minimum of 22 minutes of aerobic exercise per day (150 minutes per week), such as brisk walking, jogging, tennis, swimming – combined with a yoga or Pilates practice at least two times a week. The core strengthening of Pilates and/or yoga can help offset the loss of skeletal collagen so strongly associated with hormonal aging, and help women maintain height and spinal health.

5. Take Time to Breathe

Stress and anxiety are an unwelcome part of our modern world and the negative effects on our health increase with age. Women are often “waiting to exhale,” and while this may help an escape from a predator, breathlessness over time causes stress hormones to soar, increasing adrenal chemicals that wreck overall hormonal balance. A focused effort to be mindful of your breathing, learning and adapting a meditation practice…even for a few minutes everyday, can help prevent fight or flight chemicals from increasing blood pressure, causing weight gain, and distracting your body and mind away from healthy goals. Focusing on healthy breathing and a mindfulness practice can improve your sleep, help balance your hormones and give your skin a well-rested glow.

6. Skin Care

Taking care of your skin is an important element in any anti-aging routine. However, at VENeffect, we know that the secret to slowing or even reversing the aging process for women is more than skin deep. While most anti-aging companies target aging from environmental causes, and great progress has been made in protecting from sun damage, we discovered that every woman faces hormonal aging and very little has been available to address this unique way we age. Inspired by “The Venus Effect” and motivated by first-hand experience, we spent seven years developing VENeffect. 

The key is our proprietary phytoestrogen technology: plant-based molecules, in carefully balanced combinations, that safely and effectively restore collagen, dramatically increases elasticity and helps reverse the signs of hormonal aging. Many anti-aging products increase cell turnover by exfoliation; VENeffect inspires collagen production, replenishing what is lost naturally to significantly improve the vital glow of healthy skin.

 In addition to anti-aging properties, our VENeffect phytoestrogens, including grape seed, red clover, soy and resveratrol, among many others we have sourced, provide further benefits including: photo-protection, natural anti-inflammatory effects, and super-antioxidant properties. We developed the line not only to be safe and highly effective, but also to provide a luxurious experience for women. Combining the VENeffect Skin Care regimen with a healthy lifestyle will transform your skin and leave you with a sense of overall vitality.

By adapting key pillars of the Venus Effect, your skin can glow, your mood can be lifted, and your body can reflect the beautiful radiance of feminine vitality, no matter what age you are!

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