Bella Reverse hormonal aging with VENeffect skincare

Vogue Recommends VENeffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment

What they Say:

"Doctor-Designed Skincare Lines

The line: VENeffect
Designed by: Rebecca Booth, M.D a nationally recognized gynecologist and hormonal wellness expert. and Cecil Booth, her sister and a 20-year beauty industry veteran share a mission to enlighten women about the beauty inspired by their own hormones and provide solutions for them to live better in this knowledge. They have spent the past seven years developing a line of skincare products that reverse the physical signs of hormonal aging and restore that healthy, desirable feminine glow. The resultis the launch of VENeffect.

Try: The Anti-Aging Intensive Moisturizer. This super-hydrating, luxurious moisturizer is richly formulated with proprietary advanced phytoestrogen technology, along with peptides, proteins and nourishing ingredients to dramatically increase skin's elasticity as it helps reverse the signs of hormonal aging."

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