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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How does it work?

    A: The beauty of VENeffect is that it is designed to work the way our skin naturally builds collagen and elasticity. Mother Nature sets up the effects of estrogen on skin through tiny "locks" known as estrogen receptors. There are millions of these located throughout the skin on the body, but the skin on the face is highly packed with these receptors. Phytoestrogens are very tiny molecules that easily penetrate the skin, both the epidermis and the dermis, to activate these "locks" like keys to improve collagen production, promote elasticity and hyaluronic acid by stimulating the nucleus in the cells to make these substances.

  • Q: What is different about VENeffect from other anti-aging products on the market?

    A: VENeffect has a proprietary blend of potent phytoestrogens that are unique to this line. The founders have a superior understanding of the importance of hormonal aging and have worked for years with formulators to ensure a high concentration of effective ingredients within beautifully luxurious, moisturizing formulas, all carefully developed to deliver maximum results on skin. No other line of skin care is developed by women, for women to reverse the signs of hormonal aging.

  • Q: What is hormonal aging?

    A: Skin ages through many processes, sun exposure, free-radical damage, physical injury, etc. Hormonal aging results from the declining effects of estrogen. Estrogen has multiple positive effects on skin and collagen. As it declines from its peak in our twenties, our skin suffers loss of collagen, elasticity, and moisture content. This leads to fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of skin tone. VENeffect is designed to slow and reverse this process, restoring the healthy glow of skin as a reflection of peak hormonal vitality.

  • Q: What is phytoestrogen?

    A: Phytoestrogens are derived from the seeds or roots of various plants. They are structurally similar to estrogen and can safely mimic the effect of estrogen on skin. They are completely safe for human skin and science has shown many other beneficial roles of phytoestrogens such as in nutritional supplements and in our diet.

  • Q: What do phytoestrogens do for skin?

    A: Phytoestrogens have multiple benefits for skin. They increase skin's production of collagen as well as boost hyaluronic acid production, the dewy substance that gives healthy skin its glow. Phytoestrogens also increase the activity of fibroblasts: collagen-making cells that also pump out elastin, the substance that gives skin elasticity. Phytoestrogens are also potent antioxidants that neutralize toxic free radicals as well as promote healing in order to slow premature aging. VENeffect has developed a proprietary phytoestrogen system that is safe and highly effective at restoring and preserving skin's collagen and youthful glow.

  • Q: How long until I can see an effect on my skin?

    A: You will immediately notice luminosity and a glow in your skin and within weeks see a reduction in the signs of aging. In our clinical study 50% of users saw improvements in their skin, including a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles within 2-weeks, and 90% saw results in 4-weeks. We encourage a usage period of 4-weeks in order to see the true difference VENeffect makes in the glow of healthy young-looking skin.

  • Q: Is it right for all skin types?

    A: All skin types can benefit from VENeffect. Fair skinned women suffer more from hormonal aging, so the benefit is most obvious in fair skinned women, but even the darkest skinned clients will experience the benefits as hormonal aging affects women of all ages, skin types and color.

  • Q: What age group should use VENeffect?

    A: Women of all ages will benefit from VENeffect as its phytoestrogen technology has the unique quality of both preserving and restoring collagen and elasticity in skin. The decline in the estrogen-collagen connection begins in the late twenties, continues in our thirties and forties and accelerates after 50. Now is the right time for any woman to begin using VENeffect.

  • Q: At what age should a woman begin using Anti-Aging products?

    A: Skin collagen peaks with peak estrogen effect around ages 25-27. We recommend a woman begin a more advanced skin care regimen in her mid-to-late twenties, but it is never to late to begin using VENeffect as the phytoestrogen both preserves and restores the glow of young skin.

  • Q: So the products are preventative and restorative?

    A: Absolutely.

  • Q: Can VENeffect be used with other products?

    A: Absolutely. There are no products that interact in a negative way with this line. In fact, we believe that VENeffect will enhance the benefits of any skin care regimen and create a layer of protection and repair from hormonal aging that is not provided from other products on the market.