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Return Policy & Guarantee

Return Policy & Guarantee

We absolutely believe in all our products and are confident you will become a satisfied long-term user of VENeffect! Therefore we guarantee all our products and would like you to try them at no risk - if you are not completely satisfied with any of the products purchased from this website, you can return them for a full refund. Simply return the item within 30 days of receipt, enclosing your original receipt (or a note with your name, order #, email address and phone number). Write on the receipt or note why you are returning the item. 

If you receive a damaged product, please return it within 15 days (enclose your original receipt) and we'll be happy to send you a replacement product at no additional shipping charges. 

Please note - we can only refund or exchange products purchased from this website - if you purchased VENeffect from another outlet, please return to the store where purchased.

Please contact us at to determine the best way to accomodate your return.