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Eating for Venus

Eating for Venus

Our mission is to enlighten women about the beauty of their hormones and provide solutions for them to live better in that knowledge. VENeffect Anti-Aging Skin Care is one key step in an overall lifestyle inspired by the beauty of our hormones. There are many other lifestyle, diet, nutrition and beauty practices that will enhance the Venus Effect and an overall sense of hormonal well-being.

What you eat, in combination with your personal metabolism, can have a profound effect on your overall hormonal balance, your moods, and the health of your body's collagen. Here are some key enus Effect enhancing tips:

Minimize the white sugars and starches in your diet

A carbohydrate heavy diet can cause excess insulin, which interferes with hormonal balance. Instead, substitute whole grain breads and flours, whole wheat pasta, brown rice etc., and if you must have sugar in your coffee or soft drink switch to Sucralose (e.g. Splenda brand) or Stevia (e.g. Truvia brand).

Eat more plant proteins, and phytoestrogens in particular

Most of the protein from plant sources is derived from the reproductive parts of the plant. Great options include soybeans (edamame), nuts, nut butters, chickpeas, seeds, legumes and lentils. Nature is truly amazing in that the reproductive vitality found in plants can be passed on to us. Phytoestrogen packed foods improve cardio-vascular health and can improve cholesterol profiles. These foods help the body fight diabetes and regulate blood sugar. There is mounting evidence that diets high in plant protein may help collagen health...a boost to skin.

Supplement Your Venus

Making the recommended diet changes will go a along way to enhancing your Venus Effect, but even the most health conscious can benefit from nutritional supplements to not just enhance your hormonal balance, but improve your overall health. A daily multi-vitamin that contains folic acid and Omega-3 supplements are a great start, and there are many more that can help improve your overall vitality. Download the supplement list here. Discuss all of these options with your doctor if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, being treated for any health condition, or are on hormone therapy.