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SHAPE Magazine taps into Dr. Booth's expertise

Shape Magazine Taps Into Dr. Booth's Expertise on Healthy Late-night Snacks

Shape Magazine - Dr. Rebecca Booth's healthy late night snacks.

What they Say:


Working late, whether it's by choice or necessity, has a significant downside: after-hours snacking. And research has shown that those end-of-day noshes are more likely to stick to your hips. Take some tips from four women who regularly cover the night shift, and who have found a way to fuel up in the wee hours - without wrecking their waistlines.

Rebecca Booth, MDGynecologist in Louisville, KY; co founder, VENeffect Anti-Aging Skincare

STAYS UP UNTIL 11 P.M. (OR BEYOND) attending to medical and writing her second book

LATE-NIGHT ESSENTIALPlan-based proteins like hummus and trail mix

'Knowing that I have a delicious snack to look forward to helps motivate me to get more work done. I look for satiating foods that stabilize blood sugar. My favorite combos are hummus and sliced cucumbers, a home-made trail mix with nuts and seeds, and a banana with peanut or almond butter.'"

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