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The 3 stages of menopause and the effects on your skin

The Three Stages of Menopause & the effects on Your Skin

New Beauty- the 3 stages of menopause and effect on your skin

What they Say:

"Second Act - the Three Stages of Menopause and Your Skin

“The skin on a woman’s face has the second highest concentration of estrogen receptors in her body—the reproductive area has the most—which means that changes in hormone levels directly impact her skin....One of the most dramatic effects is the acceleration of loss of elasticity and formation of wrinkles. 'A study on the decrease of skin collagen in postmenopausal women found a decrease of 2.1 percent per year in the first 15 years after menopause,' says Dr. Booth....Skin-care products made with plant-derived molecules called phytoestrogens—red clover, soy, grape seed—also help reverse signs of aging in the skin. 'They mimic the effects of estrogen, and when applied topically, they activate estrogen receptors in the epidermis, promoting the skin’s ability to hold onto water, as well as increasing collagen and elastin production,' says Dr. Booth, who’s also cofounder of VENeffect, a phytoestrogen-based skin-care line. 'Over time, lines and wrinkles become less visible, overall texture improves and skin recovers its glow.' "


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