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Wellness expert & author recommends VENeffect Skin Care

Wellness expert & author recommends VENeffect Skin Care

Liz Earle recommends VENeffect Anti-Aging Skin Care loaded with phytoestrogens

What they Say:

"The Rise of the Super Creams

Any women who has begun the process of hormonal ageing (which begins after peak fertility at approximately 27 years old) will stand to benefit from this duo. If you’re really serious about tackling hormonal ageing, VENeffect has developed the best

high-potency formula. 

The key ingredient in all VENeffect products are plant estrogens (also know as phytoestrogens). These are small, safe molecules that work in a similar way to the body’s natural estrogen but are derived from the reproductive parts of plants such as grape seeds, soybeans, red clover, flaxseeds and several nuts and berries. The serum contains a high potency dose of these plant estrogens and the moisturiser similarly contains phytoestrogens, as well as brightening ingredients and emollients such as shea butter to keep the hydration sealed in."

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