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Winner of 2013 Anti-Aging Award!

Winner of Good Housekeeping's Anti-Aging Award!

Best Anti-Aging Lip Treatment - VENeffect wins Good Housekeeping Anti-Aging Award

What they Say:

"Top Skin SAVERS

Hope in a jar? Not our Anti-Aging Award winners!They're proven workhorses - the creams of the crop from our nearly year long study involving almost 1,000 volunteers, 2,000 questionnaires, and 25,000-plus lab measurements.VENeffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment, with anti-aging phytoestrogens (plant-based ingredients thought to restore collagen). "It made my lips feel soft and smooth and appear fuller. I will definitely continue to use it," said one panelist. Volunteers also favored it for its non-sticky texture and fast absorption.

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Anti-Aging Lip Treatment
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