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5-Minute Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

Dr Rebecca Booth views a painting symbolizing birth

This week we share VENeffect Co-Founder Cecil Booth’s skin care regimen, which she has learned and perfected through her experience in the beauty industry. She incorporates a mixture of VENeffect products with other products and tools that will help you get an immediate improvement to your complexion and set you on a path to radiant, glowing skin. The regimen is almost identical morning and night – with some minor variations such as using SPF in the day time, and an exfoliant – either morning or night, but not both – and not as often. It is really quite simple and takes only about five minutes – but you do have to take the time to do it.    

Common Skin Care Mistakes 

Cecil outlines some of the more common skin care mistakes:

  • Not being proactive:   Many women wait until their skin is dry, patchy or tired looking before they do something about it. If you have a consistent routine, you can avoid getting to that point!

  • Not changing products to adapt to your changing skin:   While our skin (just like our metabolism) is more forgiving in our twenties, each coming decade brings new challenges. Cecil says, “Don’t be stuck in your twentysomething ways. As we age, our skin needs much, much more. The role of estrogen has a profound effect – so what worked at age 22 is not nearly enough at 35 – and just wait until 50 (I am now 51)!” Skin collagen peaks at age 27!

  • Skipping the cleansing step:  You need to cleanse day and night to clear away oils and makeup and start fresh. “One of the biggest mistakes women make, is not to cleanse their skin every night – no matter how tired ” Cecil tells us. “Removing makeup is key, and even if you haven’t worn makeup that day, the oils, pollution and grime of the day accumulate on the delicate skin of the face and you will look younger and feel better if you take the time to reset each night.”

5-Minute Skin Care Regimen

Cecil shares each step of her skin care regimen that will lead you to beautiful, youthful and glowing skin!

VENeffect developed a lovely daily cleanser

1. Start with a great cleanser- morning and night  

“I like to use a gel-type cleanser that has some moisturizing elements as well. In the morning I simply apply a dime-sized amount to my face and rub with circular motions. In the evening I use the same amount but with the added help of my Clarisonic (rotating cleansing brush) to gently remove the grime of the day. For mascara, I simply rub my lashes between my thumb and ring finger with a dab of the cleanser. I splash a little water to remove the cleanser and often use a washcloth with warm water to remove any remaining cleanser, as the little nubs of the cloth provide exfoliation and it simply feels great.”

Because proper cleansing is so important for skin care, we spent several years developing our ideal gel cleanser that would be gentle yet efficacious:  whisks away everyday impurities, removes excess sebum, reduces pore size and infuses skin with phyto-nutrients and essential hydration.  Our Pore Minimizing Cleanser is all of that and also has such a lovely feel.  I've been told more than once that's it's addicting!

Insider Tip: On days you simply need a one-minute routine, and great for travel – try make-up remover wipes – I always keep them in my travel bag and use in place of the cleanser and brush.  

VENeffect Micro Exfoliant

2. Exfoliate ideally 2-3 times per week – either morning or night 

“This extra step has a transformative effect. By removing the last little remnant of dead skin cells, your moisturizer will be even more effective! Use after cleansing by applying a generous dab evenly over moist skin, circulating to direct the granules to cheeks, nose, forehead, jawline - avoiding the eye area.”

What exfoliant do you use?

“I splash a little water and use a damp wash cloth to remove the exfoliant. If you use a chemical exfoliant, apply with a cosmetic pad, or find one that is already saturated on a pad – wipe round nose, cheeks, forehead and jawline – avoiding eye area – and that is it – you are ready for your serum and moisturizer." 

Our Micro Exfoliant was developed with natural dual exfoliation technology, providing multiple skin benefits to transform dull skin to a smoother, more luminous complexion.  Ultra-finely ground grapeseed gently and effectively removes dead skin cells to reveal healthy, smooth skin while pomegranate enzymes gently dissolve dead skin cells to help skin appear refreshed and healthy. Amino acids and willow bark help keep skin clear and radiant. And finally, phytoestrogens including grapeseed, soy, and pomegranate enhance elasticity, even skin tone and minimize the signs of aging.

Cecil’s Secret: While chemical exfoliants like Glycolic Acid are very effective, I prefer a physical exfoliant because I can direct the tiny grains to the places I know I need the most care, and if formulated well, they are not drying.  

Check out VENeffect's Anti-Aging Moisturizer!

3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! 

“I live byVENeffect’s Firming Phyto-Lift Serum in combination with our Anti-Aging Intensive Moisturizer. It is, in my opinion, an unbeatable combination. The serum has a natural oat kernel extract that has an instant firming effect, while the silicone-free formula amps up moisture and brightens skin. Our signature moisturizer is “Intensive” as it has the highest level of phytoestrogen in our line, significantly enhancing elasticity and “glow”. I use both of them morning and night, after the cleansing regimen and they absorb easily into skin – I feel my skin just drinking them in.

We love this combination so much, we created a “Luminosity Duo” of our full sized Serum and Moisturizer packaged. This is the best way to experience the VENeffect difference, and get our two must-haves at a great value.

Learn More About Cecil Booth

About  Cecil Booth:

Cecil Booth, Co-Founder of VENeffect Anti-Aging Skincare spent 20 years in the beauty industry, with a focus on new products and innovation– matching consumer needs with fabulous solutions. While she was inspired by this work, she began to experience the signs of aging and felt something was missing. It was in a conversation with her sister, Dr. Rebecca Booth, a gynecologist and hormonal wellness expert, that she first learned about the dramatic way that changes in our hormones affect how we look and feel – throughout the month, and as we age. As women themselves, they were struck by how little is understood about the affect of hormones on the way we look and feel – and even fewer solutions in the beauty industry to offset the decrease in collagen, elasticity and glow that is directly related to estrogen’s decline as we age. They set out to do something about that. 

The sisters spent six years developing a skin care line that is luxurious to use, and noticeably improves the quality of skin. The result is VENeffect – a plant based anti-aging skin care line that reverses the signs of aging and reveals the glow of healthy skin. Their mission goes well beyond skin care. If you follow our blogs, you will be absorbed in our inside-out approach to beauty with nutrition, supplement, lifestyle and, of course, skin care tips that are designed with vitality in mind.

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