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Celebrating Milestones

The Booth Sisters Celebrate their Anniversary of Launching Veneffect and Dr. Booth's birthday with a special Q&A from Cecil to Rebecca. 

VENeffect founders: Cecil Booth & Dr. Rebecca Booth

Every spring we have two things to celebrate - the anniversary of launching Veneffect and Dr. Booth’s birthday! In 2012 sisters Cecil & Rebecca Booth debuted their much-needed line of skin care dedicated to offsetting changes in skin based on hormonal variation throughout a woman’s lifetime. Rebecca’s experience as an OBGYN specializing in hormonal vitality dovetailed perfectly with Cecil’s experience in beauty industry marketing and product innovation. After experiencing the challenges of hormonal change firsthand, the sisters spent six years creating their custom formulas tapping into the benefits of plant-based phytoestrogens to emulate the look and feel of our skin at peak hormonal vitality – a phenomenon they call the “Venus Effect”, thus their skin care line Veneffect.

The sisters reflected on the 15 years they have spent researching and launching their hormonal wellness platform and in honor of Rebecca’s birthday wanted to share their learnings and plans for the future!

Cecil: In Celebrating our Veneffect birthday and your own, you have the benefit of experience – in life, medicine and business. What are the most valuable lessons in these past 15 years – let’s call them the Venus years?

Rebecca: I was in my late forties when we first started our business, and now at 62 I have a new perspective on the years that follow … what I like to refer to as the “retirement” of the ovaries. I have counseled my patients on this throughout their lifetimes – many have been with me for 30 years and I even see adults now that I delivered as babies. I think the most valuable lesson I can share, having experienced and negotiated with a new phase of my hormonal life, is to make a commitment to wellness to feel more vital throughout your lifetime. The great thing about doing things that are good for you as they make you look and feel good too!

Cecil: You look totally amazing at 62! What excites you most about the age you are now?  

Rebecca: There is a certain liberation in no longer being in my fertile years. My children are adults now and I can focus on living life with the benefit of the knowledge I’ve gained and share it with my family, patients and all women with our platform. That is a true passion for me and I’m excited to share it.

Cecil: I feel incredibly grateful for what you have shared with me. Can you share how are you living the Venus Effect in your daily life? What makes you feel vital?

Rebecca: I’ve curated and continually shape a number of lifestyle, beauty and wellness practices that inspire vitality. Starting with at least 22 minutes of movement every day (adds to 2.5 hours a week but better in daily segments – brisk walking, a session on the elliptical, a bike ride, anything that just gets the heart rate going a bit and helps metabolism and energy all day. Insulin resistance increases as we age and as estrogen declines, and as a result, maintaining a healthy waist-to-hip ratio requires consistent focus. I pair exercise with low-glycemic eating – meaning very, very little sugar or simple carbs. I include plant proteins whenever possible, especially early in the day – nut butters, chickpeas, flax, chia, edamame are the great options and loaded with phytoestrogens that help offset declining estrogen. This exercise and low glycemic diet is a big boost to skin as well, and my skin elasticity and luminosity is helped significantly by our phytoestrogen-based Veneffect products – and a dedication to a regimen both morning and night.

Cecil: Which Veneffect product is your personal favorite and why?

Rebecca: Our serum is one of the products that we created that I find to be unique and essential. It layers so beautifully with our moisturizer, or for others that have a go-to favorite moisturizer – and easy add on to get the phytoestrogens onto the skin at that perfect moment after cleansing when our skin is set up to receive these wonderful molecules. The oat kernel extract gives that extra lifting without tightness. I use it under my eyes as well – as an instant pick me up. It’s just one of those potent yet clean and simple formulas that gives a magical lift to everyone.

Cecil: I agree, and I have to say the combination of the serum and our Intensive Moisturizer is my daily must-have regimen, the unbeatable “Luminosity Duo”. What should we create next to top that?

Rebecca: I know we both have so many ideas, and one of my favorites is to create a product for hair and scalp. I’ve been reading up on some scientific studies of phytoestrogens for scalp benefits, helping offset the look of thinning and dry hair.

Cecil: I love that. I also feel like the dryness and loss of tone on the skin of the body needs our attention. I always put a little dollop of our Neck & Décolleté Creme in my body lotion to help not just moisturize but get a little more elasticity in the skin on my arms and legs. We’ve got to find a way to make a potent body creme! What else is on your mind as we look toward the next nine years?

Rebecca: We’ve learned so much during this pandemic about communicating in the digital space. While the human touch and interaction is key and will be returning, and as women it is crucial that we get our diagnostic tests, there is so much that can be shared via “telewellness” and other on-line forums to share the many ways we can focus on wellness and beauty. I’ve really loved the Zoom master classes, Instagram live videos, podcasts and forums we’ve had to collaborate, share and inspire in the past year. This helps cross geographies and borders as well. I’m very excited to see that develop further as our goal has always been to share the insights behind our hormonal lives and provide solutions so women can live better in that knowledge.

Cecil: Well said! After all, our first product was your amazing book The Venus Week and we are now able to interact with so many women – everywhere – with our digital platform to share the knowledge and understanding as well as the solutions. You are inspiring me to schedule another zoom and IG live!

Rebecca – let’s do it! 

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