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Cherish Your Skin

Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips for Valentine's Day

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February is a great month to cherish one another. The romantic in all of us can shine mid-month as Valentine’s Day reminds us of the importance of gestures of warmth. Take time this month to not only cherish others, but to also nurture yourself.  Love your body by treating it right and your body will reciprocate in the form of the glow of vitality. The VENeffect founders share their favorite tips on how to cherish yourself.
 Benefits of Dark Chocolate
There’s nothing that says Valentine’s Day like chocolate. Many women think that chocolate is an “off-limits” food for a healthy lifestyle; however, when eaten in moderation, the right kind of chocolate fits in well with the “Venus Effect” lifestyle.
VENeffect Co-Founder Dr. Rebecca Booth shares: “Chocolate contains flavonoids and antioxidants. Flavonoids help improve circulation by reducing platelet clumping, while antioxidants have a host of anti-aging properties. Also, chocolate contains phenethylamine, which is chemically similar to dopamine, the neurotransmitter associated with desire and infatuation. You can see why chocolate is so often associated with romance!”
The rule of thumb when choosing chocolate is “the darker the better.” Darker chocolate has less sugar and therefore does not cause a negative effect on hormonal wellness. 
Venus Friendly Chocolate Guidelines: 
  • Chose dark chocolate that is 70% (or higher) cocoa 
  • Limit yourself to no more than 1 ounce per day – moderation is the key as chocolate does have sugar, calories and caffeine.
VENeffect Chocolate of Choice: We love Vosges and are inspired by founder Katrina Markoff and her dark chocolate creations.  She recently developed a line of “Super Dark” chocolate bars, many with phytoestrogen rich ingredients– our favorite is Super Dark Goji Pomegranate.
Skin Care Secrets for the Perfect Red Lip
Spice things up in February with a classic red lip. It is a bold move, and always in style. The key is to choose the right red for your skin tone and to condition your lips so that your color is moist and rich and stays put. 
VENeffect Secret to the Perfect Red Lip:
  1. Prep your lips with VENeffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment. This delicate yet powerful treatment reduces the appearance of lines on and around the lips, while its deeply hydrating properties moisturize, protect, and plump. Packed with our exclusive VENeffect phytoestrogen technology, this powerful little jar will transform your lips and provide the perfect starting point for lip color to follow. Another great bonus – it prevents lipstick bleed – especially with the rich reds!
  2. Apply a lip liner around the contour of your lips and then fill in the lips as well with the liner so that the contrast does not create too much of a distinct line.  Liner helps to “contain” your lip color and provide a clean, finished look.
  3. Apply your favorite shade of red lipstick. We suggest that you use a lip brush to have more control in application.

The key – is to start with a smooth base, and we have that covered with our lip treatment!
Learn How Basic Desire Affects Your Glow
With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, let’s take a moment to talk about romance. As a gynecologist and author, Dr. Rebecca Booth helps her patients navigate the ebb and flow of hormones and how it influences so many aspects of a woman’s well being, including basic desire. Sex is one of our primal needs as human beings; however, it often goes under-recognized as a healthy need for women. 
More and more evidence points to the health benefits of regular sex. For women there is evidence that sexual intimacy may stimulate more regular ovulation, inspiring hormonal balance that is key for glowing skin. In peri and post menopause regular sex is associated with improvement in vaginal elasticity, blood flow and a reduction in dryness. Also known is the powerful cascade of mood elevating chemicals associated with orgasm that inspire the beautiful flush on the body and face of a satisfied woman. For someone not quite in the mood, try a steamy romance novel or movie, such as the classic Chocolat with your valentine.

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