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5 Steps to Vital Skin

Dr Rebecca Booth views a painting symbolizing birth

There is no replacement for an overall sense of vitality. Waking up and feeling refreshed, with a natural energy and glow, ready to take on the day. What is more uncertain is how to create that sense of vitality on days when it doesn’t come naturally. As women, we are designed to be cyclical – with shifts in hormones that make consistency a challenge. Learning to identify and accept those changes opens the door to adapting and taking steps to create that vitality – what we like to call “The Venus Effect”.

One way you can consistently enhance your vitality is by taking the time to truly care for your skin and changing your regimen to accommodate the changes you are experiencing as you age. There is no more important time to lean-in to your skin care arsenal than the holidays when we are stretched with extra events, disrupted food and sleep patterns and hectic schedules while winter comes swooshing in.

With that in mind, we have created a 5-Step Vitality Regimen, with targeted skin care to offset what the day brings and harness the power of technology with well-balanced formulations that inspire our skin to glow with vitality.

5-Steps to Vital Skin:

1. Cleanse Morning and Night

Great skin starts with a clean palette! That is why we developed a foaming gel-based cleanser that has the perfect balance of whisking away everyday impurities, reducing pore size, being easy-to-rinse and leaving behind phyto-nutrients to begin skin renewal. Start your regimen with VENeffect Pore Minimizing Cleanser; apply a dime-sized amount to a cleansing brush/device or directly to your face with your fingertips and gently remove the grimy build-up from the day or night. For mascara, simply rub lashes between your thumb and ring finger with a dab of the cleanser. Use a warm, moist washcloth to remove, or simply rinse generously with warm water.

2. Exfoliate 2-times per week

As we age, skin cell turnover slows and becomes drier – leading to uneven skin color and texture. If you are looking for instant gratification, invest in a great exfoliant. We designed our combination physical/enzymatic solution to be gentle enough to use every day, and recommended at least 2-times per week. VENeffect Micro-Exfoliant removes the last little remnant of dead skin cells, with finely ground grapeseed along with pomegranate enzyme to not only exfoliate, but as potent phytoestrogens, these natural molecules inspire a healthy glow. After cleansing apply a generous dab to moist skin, circulating to direct the granules to cheeks, nose, forehead, jawline - avoiding the eye area. Rinse, or use a damp washcloth to remove the residual exfoliant. Now your skin is fresh and glowing, ready for the treatment phase of your regimen.

3. Prime

Serum is the new toner for anyone over 30! These intense treatments are suspensions of highly active ingredients designed for instant absorption into just cleansed skin and the perfect prep for the moisturizer to follow. VENeffect Firming Phyto-Lift Serum is a potent dose of our proprietary phytoestrogens along with another great plant-based powerhouse, natural oat kernel extract, to provide an instant lifting effect. The silicone-free formula instantly absorbs into skin, to firm, brighten and stimulate collagen and elastin – the building blocks of healthy skin. Dispense one to two pumps of serum into your palm; gently rub your hands together and smooth all over your face and décolleté. Now it’s time to lock that treatment in and take it to a new level with moisturizer!

4. Moisturize

If there is one product every woman should never be without it is a fabulous moisturizer. If you love the moisturizer you’ve used for years, great – but if you are like most of us, as our skin changes, we need…a little more. That is why we created our first anti-aging solution – and the one that we still call our “desert island” product: VENeffect Anti-Aging Intensive Moisturizer. It is “Intensive” as it has the highest level of phytoestrogens in our line, significantly enhancing elasticity and “glow”.  Smooth a generous amount over the face and notice how your skin immediately feels grateful for the enriching formula. Designed for both day and night – it is nirvana for the skin.

5. Treat the Specialty Areas: Eyes, Neck, Lips

Now is the time for the areas of skin that require special attention.

The eyes require special care, as it is the thinnest skin on the face. With natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, our phytoestrogens are perfect to de-puff, brighten and reduce and prevent the appearance of lines. Using your ring finger, gently apply one pump of VENeffect Anti-Aging Eye Treatment around the eye area extending to the corners, following along the orbital bone. Notice how the formula glides on with no dragging of the skin. We even made it easy to reapply mid-afternoon without rolling with makeup! An instant pick-me-up.

The neck and décolleté is another trouble zone – with gravity at play, we wanted a solution to stave off those deeper, horizontal lines and crepe-texture of the chest. VENeffect Firming Neck & Décolleté Creme is a luxurious moisturizing formula loaded with emollients, peptides and our signature phytoestrogens that are proven to increase elasticity, firming up this vertically challenged area. Even better – like all VENeffect products, this treatment is completely fragrance free and won’t get in the way of the fragrance you may apply as well as avoiding irritation to reduce flushing and improve brightness in the skin. Apply a generous amount to neck and chest in upward sweeping motions.   It feels indulgent and it is!

Now for the big finish -Lips! Smooth our superstar VENeffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment on and around your lips morning, night and in-between. This treatment will reduce and help prevent the formation of vertical lines, as its deeply hydrating and protective formula smoothes, softens and naturally plumps. Notice the lovely cucumber/citrus/ginger flavor making it a pleasure to use. Can be reapplied during the day and will prevent lipstick bleed while it works its magic.
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About  Cecil Booth:

Cecil Booth, Co-Founder of VENeffect Anti-Aging Skincare spent 20 years in the beauty industry, with a focus on new products and innovation– matching consumer needs with fabulous solutions. While she was inspired by this work, she began to experience the signs of aging and felt something was missing. It was in a conversation with her sister, Dr. Rebecca Booth, a gynecologist and hormonal wellness expert, that she first learned about the dramatic way that changes in our hormones affect how we look and feel – throughout the month, and as we age. As women themselves, they were struck by how little is understood about the affect of hormones on the way we look and feel – and even fewer solutions in the beauty industry to offset the decrease in collagen, elasticity and glow that is directly related to estrogen’s decline as we age. They set out to do something about that. 

The sisters spent six years developing a skin care line that is luxurious to use, and noticeably improves the quality of skin. The result is VENeffect – a plant based anti-aging skin care line that reverses the signs of aging and reveals the glow of healthy skin. Their mission goes well beyond skin care. If you follow our blogs, you will be absorbed in our inside-out approach to beauty with nutrition, supplement, lifestyle and, of course, skin care tips that are designed with vitality in mind.

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