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Resolutions with Staying Power!

We often start the year with new resolutions in mind but lose the energy to sustain them as the year progresses. Try changing your mindset from what you cannot have to adding in healthy food options that can sustain you in the long term.  

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Healthy Indulgences

Here is our go-to list for fabulous “Venus compliant” treats: 

  • Dark chocolate – one ounce a day the darker the better (target 70% cacao or higher) 

    Try Vosges Haut Chocolat Matcha Green Tea & Spirulina Super Dark™ Chocolate Bar, one of our favorites absolutely packed with health boosting ingredients

  • Red Wine – a six-ounce glass is a great wind-down loaded with anti-oxidants and resveratrol (also a phytoestrogen that is great for skin and one of our signature ingredients!)

  • Cinnamon- help boost your metabolism and your mood with a quarter teaspoon in your coffee each morning – or sprinkle into yogurt 

  • Spoonful of almond butter – Dr. Booth keeps a jar in her office for a pick-me-up on busy patient days. Loaded with plant protein and healthy fat – it will keep you satisfied and glowing

  • Handful of pistachios – about 20 in the shell will be a good snack with staying power and the work it takes to open them keeps you from over-indulging!

  • Hummus filled “deviled” eggs – plant protein along with the egg white protein is a perfect energy source

Eating for the Venus Effect:

Nature is truly amazing in that the reproductive vitality found in plants can be passed on to us. Phytoestrogen packed foods improve cardio-vascular health and can improve cholesterol profiles. These foods help the body fight diabetes and regulate blood sugar, and there is mounting evidence that diets high in plant protein may help collagen health – a boost to skin. 

The Founders of VENeffect are on a mission to share the beauty of the Venus Effect and offer solutions to live better in that knowledge every day. They created the skin care line VENeffect to offer a solution to the unique way that women age – hormonally – with plant-based technology to reveal the glow of healthy skin.

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